Castles and palaces

Sensing the past – in the present

The castles and palaces of Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” are breathtaking witnesses of times gone by – and from guided tours, to knights’ dinners and sweeping vistas, there is so much to see and experience.

The castles of Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”

The ruins of Kirchschlag Castle, built in the 12th century, stand on the 480-metre-high Schlossberg in Kirchschlag. One particularly impressive feature: the panoramic view over Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” from the former fire tower, which today serves as a lookout point. A look inside the old walls is worthwhile on a visit to Seebenstein Castle and Grimmenstein Castle, where guided tours take you through authentic and dimly lit corridors, while you listen to stories from times long past.

Paths to our castles & palaces