Hiking Needles in the Buckligen Welt

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How can I collect hiking pins?

  • Simply search for SummitLynx in the "App Store" or "Google Play", install and start the app. You can register via Facebook, your Apple ID or by e-mail.
  • The menu option "Regions" shows all the hiking pins that are available locally and the destinations you have to reach to get them.
  • The app also gives a nice overview of which goals have already been reached and how many points have already been collected.
  • Start hiking and join in! If a goal has been reached, open the app and enter it by clicking on the button in the lower area. Add a photo and text, save and you're done!
  • Those who have collected all the points for a pin will receive a digital badge and a certificate.

The Bucklige Adventure World

On the trail of witches and fairies, lightning and thunder, hiking to the roof of the world or travelling back to the time of the Celts - this and much more can be experienced around the theme trails of the Bucklige Adventure World.
Combine the playground trail with a trip to Windrad Lichtenegg and Mandl's Ziegenhof - this way you collect points for 3 different pins.
Tip: Use the NÖ Card in the Celtic village of Schwarzenbach, at Windrad Lichtenegg and at Mandl's Ziegenhof.

The Bucklige Welt View

Breathtaking views of rolling hills, nothing but lush greenery, bright skies and every now and then a small village between forests and meadows. Discover the highest vantage points of the Buckligen Welt!
With the "Über die Höhe" tour you have already collected 6 out of 8 necessary points!
Tip: Go up to the pulpit of the Lichtenegg windmill with a guide (free with NÖ Card, from 12 years, 140cm).

The Bucklige Welt tastes sooo good

The initiative "Sooo gut schmeckt die Bucklige Welt" (Sooo good tastes the Bucklige Welt), which is well known far beyond the region, involves over 80 businesses and producers. First-class culinary delights, regional products and high quality are on offer here. Visit the showrooms and get this hiking pin!
With the "Kumbacher Genusstour" you can easily reach 3 of these destinations.
Tip: Ask about the opening hours of the businesses and plan space for tastings in your backpack!