Relaxed hiking in Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”

On the way on the Buckln in a paradise of views

Easy hiking trails, comfortable hiking hotels and magnificent views as far as the eye can see: on a hike in the land of 1,000 hills, the hustle and bustle of everyday life will soon be far away.

Hiking is not only something for the body, it is also good for the soul. You can really switch off in the certified hiking hotels and on the easy hiking and pilgrimage trails of Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”. For example, on the path along the Vienna Alpine Arc from Katzelsdorf to Gschaidt, or on the excursion from Bad Schönau to the 896 metre high Hutwisch.

The “Bucklige Welt” World from above

The hike up the highest mountain in the region takes a good two hours, and then another few minutes until you reach the 22-metre-high lookout point at Hutwisch. But for the magnificent view as far as the Schneeberg and Lake Neusiedl, this is only a small price to pay.

Collect hiking pins in the Bucklige Welt

The Bucklige Abenteuer-Welt, the Bucklige-Weltblick and the Sooo gut schmeckt die Bucklige Welt Wandernadel - collect points in the Summit Lynx App and get your digital badge!

Hiking behaviour

  • Careful tour planning with literature and map, pay attention to timing!
  • Fitness check: does the planned tour suit my physical constitution?
  • Equipment check: do I have what I need? (especially water, sturdy shoes & weather protection!)
  • Weather forecast OK? On the day of the tour: leave early - come back early!
  • Stay on marked trails, do not enter agricultural areas, respect protection zones and barriers.
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind!
  • Dogs on a leash!
  • Alpine emergency number (mountain rescue): 140
  • Beware of grazing livestock - follow these tips...

Hiking tips in the Buckligen Welt

Hiking in the Buckligen Welt, © Wiener Alpen, Florian Lierzer

Multiday tours

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VitalZeit Hotel Weber, © NÖ Werbung, Giefing

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Hiking pin, © Wiener Alpen, Florian Lierzer

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Holiday with dog in the Buckligen Welt, © Wiener Alpen, Franz Zwickl

Holiday with dog

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Landscape in spring, © Walter Strobl,

Spring hiking tours

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View of the Bucklige Welt, © Wiener Alpen, Florian Lierzer

Panoramic hikes

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Hiking in Austria's "Bucklige Welt", © Wiener Alpen, Florian Lierzer

All hiking routes in Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”:

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