1000 HILLS

Winter hiking

Winterwandern in den 1000 Hügeln, © Wiener Alpen, Martin Fülöp

Winter hiking in Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”

A new view just around the bend: draw deep breaths in the land of 1,000 hills

Winter is at its best halfway between Graz and Vienna. It may not be the most extreme, icy or steep, but it is certainly the most enjoyable, pleasurable and relaxing.

Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” is a wonderful place to hike, in the rolling ups and downs of the region’s gentle hills, with wide views of the Rax and Schneeberg, Hochwechsel and Semmering. And if you don’t make quite as much progress as planned, this may be due to the irresistible range of rest stops: Dozens of small wine taverns, cosy village inns and great award-winning restaurants lurk along the way to ensure that your excursion doesn’t end up consuming all your energy reserves.

Even more beautiful than hiking? The breaks!

That’s because everywhere in Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”, you can taste specialities of Lower Austrian cuisine. For example, the wonderfully tender, aromatic fresh goat’s cheese from goat farmer, Michael Mandl, in Lichtenegg. Or at the Mostheurigen at Rosenhof in Hollenthon, specialities from the Zwergzebu, a breed of humpback cattle with particularly little fat, which is bred by the family itself. Fancy some more upmarket cuisine? The Triad is only 472 metres above sea level, but it is something akin to the culinary summit of Austria’s “Bucklige Welt”. Veronika and Uwe Machreich’s gourmet pilgrimage restaurant in Krumbach has rightly been awarded and recognised for its unique character.

Winter hikes with (and without) snow

Whether it’s footsteps that crunch on sugared paths or firm steps on marked forest and woodland trails – with sturdy (hiking) boots and the right equipment, hikers are sure to get their money’s worth, even in the winter months. Leisurely walks (or more challenging tours) will clear your head and replenish energy reserves once more.

Pre-Christmas Time Out

Winter gourmet menus, warming up in the sauna and really taking a deep breath in the salt grotto – in addition to the winter hikes, the places to visit in Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” welcome you on your excursion or (short) holiday with an all-round feel-good package.

Hiking with the wellness factor

Is there anything better after a winter hike than coming home and soaking in a hot bath? Yes! And that is to swim in the Linsberg Asia spa. The thermal spa with eight pools and nine saunas is located between Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” and Vienna – making it the perfect, relaxing end to the relaxing hiking trip.

Easy arrival

Especially during snowfall and cold temperatures, many prefer to leave the car behind. Fortunately, many places in the Bucklige Welt are also easily accessible by public transport: Take the train to Edlitz-Grimmenstein station and from there continue by bus.
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