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Nature, pleasure, the past – here, you can discover something exciting behind every hill

Austria’s “Bucklige Welt” presents itself to its visitors in a versatile way and has something to offer for every interest. Businesses that exhibit their day-to-day workings present the fun sides of this region with 1000 hills, while (open-air) museums and fortified churches offer a glimpse into the region’s exciting past.

How does milk become cheese or ice cream? How is Bucklige Welt Gin produced? How is the regional beer brewed? How did the Celts shape Austria’s Bucklige Welt? How did the fortified churches offer protection to the inhabitants in the past during the attacks of the Kurucs? Where did Archduke Johann leave his mark? You can get to the bottom of all these questions here – ideally with plenty of time on your hands.

Discover traces of the past

The Celtic open-air museum Schwarzenbach offers insights into the everyday life of the population in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC, and is the location of Austria’s only Celtic festival. In the Zinnfigurenmuseum in Katzelsdorf, historical sequences, fairy tales, actors, films and much more are presented in a unique way with about 40,000 figures - here you can see Arnold Schwarzenegger, Asterix and Obelix and the Jungle Book through new eyes in miniature format.

The Wehrkirchenstraße winds its way through the entire Bucklige Welt, starting from the Wehrkirchendokumentation in Edlitz, where you can get an overview of the history and significance of the Weir churches in the region.

Knowing where great things come from

True to this motto, businesses demonstrate where their raw products come from, and how they are transformed into delicious end products – tasting included, of course. The best way to see these businesses demonstrating their day-to-day operation is in a pleasure tour by car or by (e-) bike. Unique goat’s cheese from Mandl’s Ziegenhof, regionally brewed beer from Schwarzbräu and finally reward yourself with a full “Stanitzel” at Eis Greissler – the round trip over the gentle hills is truly a treat for the eyes, palate and soul.