Spa and health in Bad Schönau

Relaxation in a paradise for the eyes

Time out for body and soul: the three large spa facilities in Bad Schönau are surrounded by sights such as the “Bad Schönauer Wehrkirche” and the “Teufelsmühle”. A walk along one of the pretty paths in the surrounding area is a great way to get away from it all.

In Bad Schönau, people swear by the healing effect of natural carbonic acid gas: it helps with complaints such as circulatory disorders, heart, circulatory and vascular diseases. There is also a choice of other therapies with the local mineral water, including tub baths, walking training or drinking cures.

Hiking and e-biking around the spa in Bad Schönau

For example, hiking on the 90-minute “Weg der Blicke” (Path of Views), which starts and ends in the Bad Schönau spa park. If you don’t feel like walking, you can rent an e-bike from one of the spa hotels and explore the more than 90 km long network of paths.