Bad weather programmes

The Bucklige Welt - worth a visit whatever the weather

When raindrops patter against the window and the wind whistles at the windows, boredom often sets in quickly. But not with us - put on your wellies and try out the programme for bad weather days!

Boredom on rainy days? Not a trace of it in the Bucklige Welt. Adventure worlds in show businesses, museums, fortified churches, castles... they all offer plenty of alternatives that are worth discovering even in bad weather. Those who prefer to take it easy on chilly days can really warm up in the weather. A visit to the salt grotto at the Vitalzeit Hotel Weber provides relaxation and cosy warmth - and the salt mist also fights off the threat of a cold. Or you can pack your favourite book and spend a day in the pleasant ambience and warming thermal water at the Hotel & Spa Linsberg Asia.

Many show farms in the Bucklige Welt offer exciting insights into their production for the whole family, such as the goat panorama at Mandl's Ziegenhof, the ice-cream time travel at Eis-Greissler with Flying Theatre, Eis-Greissler Express and test kitchen.

Concerts are often held in the Sconarium in Bad Schönau and the upper floor of the fortified church in Hochneukirchen.

The museums of the Bucklige Welt inspire with a variety of themes: From life back to the Celts, historically important aspects to exciting displays with pewter figures and the nature of carbonic acid gas.